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First meeting in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Toyo Tokiwa Music Ltd. and Chairman Instruments Trading Limited is authorized as agent representative overseas in China and Hong Kong. Mr. M. Takeyama express the theme of marketing in the first meeting in Hong Kong during August 2013.
Photo : Frankie Hui, M.Takeyama and Edwin Leung

Opening Dinner in Shanghai

Nagasaka Yukiyoshi, the CEO of Toyo Piano Mfg. Co., announced during Music China 2013 in Shanghai. October 11, there were more than two hundred China representatives from China major provinces attended the opening gala. They tried to query and understand this Japan piano brand, and hope to become the first distributor in China.
At present, China sole agent is authorized to Mehta Musical Instruments Company. The company is responsible for the management of national sales network and in charge of the distributors.

First Approach

The display of various models of pianos including upright and grand pianos constituted a scene that attracted crowds of spectators and potential buyers come and discussed with our staff who introduced to them our quality and services we could provide to esteemed customers all over various provinces of China, even from different countries overseas, at our exhibition booths. We fulfilled our expected goals.
Further more, Chairman Instruments Trading ltd. Has co-operated with Toyo Piano Mfy. to establish a piano tuning school. It will be based in Hong Kong, with an aim to train more piano tuning professionals both in mainland China and Hong Kong for forth-coming business development and after-sale services.

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